An idea born from our values.

EBB & FLO is a lifestyle brand born from the shared values of owners Toni and Vince.  We offer products and services to inspire wellness and promote sustainability.

A family run business located on the North Promenade of Cleethorpes.  We are passionate about sharing our love for the water, beach and outdoors! Whether you want to learn the Stand Up Paddleboarding, kayaking, explore or head out on a hire session – there are plenty of ways to get out on the water and enjoy Cleethorpes from a different point of view!

All activities can be arranged for individuals, groups, parties and families.  For ease all hires and lessons are available to book online. 

Health & safety of our customers and staff is paramount. We are proud of our accreditation and are committed to providing the best and safest watersports facilities in Lincolnshire.   Adventure activities licensing ensures that activity providers follow good safety management practices. These allow young people to experience exciting and stimulating activities outdoors without being exposed to avoidable risks.

Incorporating the environmental aspect of the EBB & FLO vision just fell into place. For us we work by the sea, our base is the beach and our business, pleasure and enjoyment comes from this. In our eyes we have an obligation to show an active responsibility.

As youngsters we were taught to put your litter in your pocket and take it home if you couldn’t find a bin, recycle what can be recycled and picking up litter dropped by another person was a good deed. Collecting litter from the beach is something we have always done so affiliating with organisations such as surfers against sewage and 2 minute beach clean just made sense.

One of our first crowd funding campaigns helped us to secure the first 2 minute beach clean board in North East Lincolnshire thanks to a local crowd funding.

Toni became the first female rep for Cleethorpes with surfers against sewage and also manged to secure the first 2 minute beach clean board in North East Lincolnshire thanks to local crowd funding.

Our stance on environmental promotion was that it can’t be dreary or boring. It needs to be current, fun engaging and inspiring. That’s why we have so many elements to our educational programme’s including Pollu Toys, sup kids, SAS, precious plastics and Nurdle.

We have received a lot of support from our local council and community. Family and friend support has also been an integral part of the business success.

Our slogan is ‘A way of Living’ therefore every decision we make is based around this. The business exists because it’s our families way of living and a way of living that makes us happy. Promoting the protection of the environment and acting responsibly for this, we feel this should be everyone’s way of living.

Meet The Crew

Toni Ann Buckle Weavers

Founder | Captain | SUP Instructor

I grew up by the sea and dream’t of being a mermaid since watching the walk the plank/underwater scene in the film ‘HOOK’. I’ve always loved the outdoors but plonk me on a beach anywhere in the world and I’d be at my happiest! My husband Vince (a surfer of 25 years) introduced me to surfing in 2011 and the ocean has been a part of my daily life ever since.

I am a mum of 2 little activists and the Founder of EBB & FLO, sited on the seafront in my local town Cleethorpes.

I am a SUP instructor and silversmith creating jewellery from sea glass that I’ve collected from various beaches over the years.

Since I can remember I have picked up bits of marine litter on my travels, but I’ve been seriously actioning larger beach cleans and promoting the work and campaigns of SAS since 2016.

I’m passionate about Cleethorpes, our community,  keeping beaches clean and educating our next generation through fun, inspiration and the outdoors.

Vince Weavers

owner | first mate | SUP Instructor

Growing up in a seaside town and having the opportunity to surf for 25 years of my life is the foundation for EBB & FLO. I love being outdoors and living the simple life, put me on a beach and I’m happy! I introduced my wife Toni to surfing in 2011 and the ocean has been a part of her daily life ever since.

Together Toni and I are parents of two little nature boy activists and founders of EBB & FLO sited on the seafront in my local town Cleethorpes.

I am a keen SUP’er, Surfer, Skater and Musician.  By day I am Project Manager with my own Engineering consultancy, providing services and support locally.

In support of  Toni our local SAS representative we take responsibility for large community beach cleans and promoting the work and campaigns of SAS.

I’m a local lad, passionate about Cleethorpes, our community,  keeping beaches clean and educating our boys and the next generation through interactive fun, inspiration and living the outdoors lifestyle.  A perfect explanation of our slogan EBB & FLO ‘A Way Of Living’ 

Nick Ross

sailing master | kayak instructor

I first started Kayaking back in 84/85, living inland we used Brigg Leisure Centre.  In 1987  I moved the New Waltham where I spent weekends biking along the seafront and spending time on the beach and in the sea.

In 1990 I joined the Army where my passion for Kayaking went to new levels.  I found myself drawn to white water where I excelled and achieved a 3* qualification.

Fast forward to 2005, after leaving the Army I moved back to Cleethorpes as a family with my Wife Maria and our two strong, free spirited and inspiring girls.

In 2017 I decided to retake my Kayaking qualification and truly embrace a way of living.  For me its all about getting outdoors, being on the beach as a family.  Becoming a paddle sports instructor has helped me help my family and others take to the water with confidence.

The whole beach vibe and being out on the beach and in the water really helps bring about that sense of community.  We regularly take part in the community beach cleans as a family.

I want to help get people outdoors and inspire the next generation to care, respect the environment and have fun out on the water.

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