Clients are strongly advised to check out our safety page and local weather conditions before booking a session. check out some of the weather sites we use in the links below.

Please note that offshore wind speeds (S, W, SW) must be less than 8 knots (9mph). Wind speeds up to 8 knots (9mph) are suitable for beginners. Wind speeds over 8 knots (9mph) and up to 12knots (13mph) are suitable for intermediate paddlers and wind speeds above 12 knots, would warrant a session cancellation.

Please dress for the weather. If it’s chilly you’ll need a wetsuit, we hire for £5.00 per hire. Wetsuits are always recommended, but if it is a warm day you may want to take a dip in the water to cool down. We recommend bringing swimwear or quick drying clothing to go under your wetsuit, a towel and a change of clothes for after the session.

We do hire wetsuits for £5.00 per hire, please check out our wetsuit hire page. There are also places to purchase wetsuits from. We recommend surfdome.com and thewetsuitoutlet.co.uk. We recommend shopping around to get the best deal. If you catch cold easily you may want to wear one but for most of the summer they’re optional.

SUP – Buoyancy aids MUST be worn by those under 18, we also advise people who are weak or not confident swimmers to wear one for extra water confidence.  For competent adults stand up paddleboarding, common practise is to be attached to your board with a leash at all times. The board is your buoyancy aid, as with surfing. If you find yourself in the water, then you are still attached to a giant floating object, which will be by your side ready for you to hop back onto.

Kayak – Buoyancy aids MUST be worn at all times when kayaking.

Stand up paddleboarding & Kayaking are watersports and all we ask is that you’d be comfortable if you were to take a dip. You’ll be attached to your board by a leash at all times so you don’t need to be an Olympic swimmer but should be able to swim unaided 50 metres. We’ll check if you’re confident in water before we set off and ask you to wear a buoyancy aid if you’re unsure. Our rescue trained instructors will be on hand to help you get back onto the board if you’re struggling.

Yes, we have a small changing rooms on site, it isn’t the most glamorous of spaces but does provide privacy. Valuables can be stored in the shop whilst we’re on the water.

Valuables will be locked away in the shop while we’re on the water.

SUP – The beauty of stand up paddleboarding is that you just climb back on again! We’ll go through this before we get on the water for the first time too. You’ll be attached to your board by a leash so just pull the board towards yourself and clamber back on.

It’s up to you – just let us know before hand so we can put you in a buoyancy aid for extra reassurance. You’re welcome to spend as much time on your knees as you like before standing up, or indeed spend the whole session on your knees. If you’re unsure check out this link about stand up paddleboaring and pregnancy http://www.supboardermag.com/2014/05/20/pregnancy-and-paddleboarding/

Yes, you can hire boards from our centre by the hour. We don’t currently hire for long trips. It’s a busy stretch of water and as the smallest craft on the water we give way to everyone. Until you’re confident paddling on the water we ask that you stay within the designated areas stipulated by the instructor.

If you’ve grown up in Cleethorpes you’ll have heard tales of the water quality being terrible. Things have changed!
Grimsby Triathlon Club use the estuary regularly for training and every weekend sees plenty of individuals taking to the water in all manner of craft for a dunking. for more info. check out the local council Cleethorpes Beach page

The water in the Humber estuary is often muddy and brown looking. However, the water is actually quite clean, check out the Environment Agency bathing water quality page, there are also several nature reserves along its length.

Please see http://www.goodbeachguide.co.uk/beach/cleethorpes. As with all open water, it is advisable to:

  • Always cover exposed cuts and wounds with a water proof dressing.
  • It isn’t inadvisable to ingest the water.
  • It is good practice not to ingest food or drink with wet hands. We recommend washing your hands prior to eating.

We go out in all weathers. The only reason we’d call a session off is in severe winds or thunder storm.

SUP – The maximim rider weight for our boards is 160kg / 23 stone but we aim to be as inclusive as possible. We’ve found larger people can struggle to stand up straight away but you’re also welcome to stay on your knees as long as you like.

Kayaking – The maximum rider weights are 110kg Kaafus (single kayaks) & 170kg Mahees (double kayaks).

Contact us if you’re really worried but we think you’ll be fine!

We like to paddle barefoot and think you will too. You’re welcome to wear appropriate footwear if you’d like to though and we wear footwear at all times before and after the session. In winter we always wear boots, SUP with numb feet isn’t fun!

We work on a ratio of 1:6 so 1 instructor to 6 paddlers. If you would like to organise a group larger than 6 people please contact us so we can organise the appropriate staff ratio.

If you can’t attend the session you’ve booked and give us plenty of warning we’ll make every effort to accommodate you on a future session. Because we book freelance instructors and assistants for every session we can’t refund or reschedule you if you can’t make it and don’t let us know. Deposits for group bookings are non-refundable. If we cancel due to weather you will be fully refunded.

Yes you can pay by cash or card on the day of your session. Group bookings are confirmed on receipt of deposit.

Please bring clothes you don’t mind getting wet and footwear to wear before and after the session. Please dress for the weather, remember we also hire wetsuits. Bring a change of clothes and a towel. If it’s warm, bring a water, suncream and a hat.

There is pay and display parking all along Cleethorpes promenade, payable from 08:00-18:00. There are generally spaces but we can’t guarantee you one. If you’re driving please be sure to leave plenty of time for seaside traffic and to find a parking space, aim to get to us 15 minutes before your session start time.

We aim to start on time so please arrive ready to go 15  minutes early for your session.

Yes we retail Fatstick & Starboard, let us know what you’re after and we’ll try and help you out.

The Punch Bowl: Next door but three to the shop, it’s all about the pub grub. Good portions, tasty food and plenty of drinks to choose from.

Steels: The best fish and chips restaurant in town!! Highly recommend. Located in Cleethorpes market place.

Earnie Becketts: A great takeaway fish and chips venue located again in Cleethorpes market place. Highly recommend.

Valeries Italian: I’d advise booking. Valeries is a little more up market if you fancy a treat. The food is absolutely delicious. Another place I’d highly recommend. Located on Alexander road.

Petit Delight: Located down the famous Sea View street. This French restaurant is another must if you’re in the area.

Willys: We go all the time. It’s Great value for money. Good portions, tasty food and plenty of drinks to choose from.

Stags / Hens, take note. Alcohol and water don’t mix. No-one under the influence of alcohol is to go stand up paddleboarding or Kayaking. If you arrive drunk for your session you will not be able to take part in watersport activities and no refund can be issued.