Meet The Crew

Toni Ann Buckle Weavers
Founder / Captain / SUP Instructor

I have grown up by the sea and dream't of being a mermaid since watching the walk the plank/underwater scene in the film ‘HOOK’. I’ve always loved the outdoors but plonk me on a beach anywhere in the world and I’d be at my happiest! My husband Vince (a surfer of 25 years) introduced me to surfing in 2011 and the ocean has been a part of my daily life ever since.

I am a mum of 2 little activists and the Founder of EBB & FLO, sited on the seafront in my local town Cleethorpes.

I am a SUP instructor and silversmith creating jewellery from sea glass that I’ve collected from various beaches over the years.

Since I can remember I have picked up bits of marine litter on my travels, but I’ve been seriously actioning larger beach cleans and promoting the work and campaigns of SAS since 2016.

I’m passionate about Cleethorpes, our community,  keeping beaches clean and educating our next generation through fun, inspiration and the outdoors.

Vince Weavers
Owner / First Mate

Growing up in a seaside town and having the opportunity to surf for 25 years of my life is the foundation for EBB & FLO. I love being outdoors and living the simple life, put me on a beach and I'm happy! I introduced my wife Toni to surfing in 2011 and the ocean has been a part of her daily life ever since.

Together Toni and I are parents of two little nature boy activists and founders of EBB & FLO sited on the seafront in my local town Cleethorpes.

I am a keen SUP'er, Surfer, Skater and Musician.  By day I am Project Manager with my own Engineering consultancy, providing services and support locally.

In support of  Toni our local SAS representative we take responsibility for large community beach cleans and promoting the work and campaigns of SAS.

I’m a local lad, passionate about Cleethorpes, our community,  keeping beaches clean and educating our boys and the next generation through interactive fun, inspiration and living the outdoors lifestyle.  A perfect explanation of our slogan EBB & FLO 'A Way Of Living' 

Nick Ross
Sailing Master / Kayak Instructor

I first started Kayaking back in 84/85, living inland we used Brigg Leisure Centre.  In 1987  I moved the New Waltham where I spent weekends biking along the seafront and spending time on the beach and in the sea.

In 1990 I joined the Army where my passion for Kayaking went to new levels.  I found myself drawn to white water where I excelled and achieved a 3* qualification.

Fast forward to 2005, after leaving the Army I moved back to Cleethorpes as a family with my Wife Maria and our two strong, free spirited and inspiring girls.

In 2017 I decided to retake my Kayaking qualification and truly embrace a way of living.  For me its all about getting outdoors, being on the beach as a family.  Becoming a paddle sports instructor has helped me help my family and others take to the water with confidence.

The whole beach vibe and being out on the beach and in the water really helps bring about that sense of community.  We regularly take part in the community beach cleans as a family.

I want to help get people outdoors and inspire the next generation to care, respect the environment and have fun out on the water.


Maria Ross
Quartermaster / Manager / Jeweller

My love for the seaside grew from an early age spurred on by a family more from Berkshire to the sunnier warmer climates of the South West coast.  Most of my teenage years were spent body boarding at the resorts of Woolacombe & Saunton.

During life at school I had the opportunity to attend a kayaking session whilst on PGL on the Isle of Wight.

 After leaving school I joined the Armed Forces 1998 – 2003, during my time in the Army I had the opportunity to sail the coast of Sweden in a 57ft 1936 windfall sloop called the ‘Flamingo’.  Whilst in the forces I also completed a dingy course in the Mohnesee, Germany and attained two qualifications in white water kayaking in Austria.

In 2003 I left the Army, fast forward to 2005 when Nick (EBB & FLO’s Sailing Master / Kayak Instructor) and I moved back to Cleethorpes to raise our family, Carmen (EBB & FLO’s Apprentice) and Sassi.

In Cleethorpes I run Cloves a busy and successful Bed & Breakfast.  Our love for the seaside continues as a family.  In 2015 as a family we got back into water sports.  Last year the four of us completed a 4-day windsurfing into course in Fuerteventura.  

In January 2018 I also started training in jewellery making, specifically silver and sea glass made to order and sold in the EBB & FLO store.

I’m passionate about Cleethorpes, our community,  our environment and inspiring our next generation.


Carmen Ross
Crew / Apprentice

Growing up by the sea has been a great way for me to be actively involved in many different water sports such as; surfing, body boarding even completing a level 1 in snorkeling during a holiday to France.  More recently I have taken to SUP and kayaking with my parents and the EBB & FLO Crew.

When EBB & FLO opened in 2017 I knew that something new and exciting was coming to the area.  SUP (Stand Up Paddle boarding) was something I had never tried before. As soon as I got stood up there was no stopping me.  I have learnt the basic moves and turns, in the future I would like to complete an instructors course.

Whilst at EBB & FLO I have become more actively involved in the community beach cleans that happen once a month.  For me it is important to be involved in making sure our beaches are clean and free of plastic and rubbish, in turn this will help our marine life.  I feel it is important for my generation to engage in similar activities to promote and encourage change.

I feel so passionate about marine pollution and its effects that I have chosen to speak for 10 minutes on the subject: ‘Marine Pollution and Effects on Environment’ as a part of my GCSE exams.

Moving forward I would like to complete my SUP Instructor and First Aid courses.  I will take these skills with me and travel around the world to experience different cultures, people, beaches etc to learn more about our planet.  On my return home I will see the positive changes and would love to work at EBB&FLO. 

Finally, I wish for people of my age to be outdoors, dare to dream and follow their dreams.  Everyone should have a dream and follow it.  Set yourself a challenge its ‘A Way of Living’