Tawny Brown Pendant


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Tawny Brown Pendant

Sea Glass Pendant | Small

These stunning ocean treasures are refined by nature to create a distinct frosted hue.

The perfect gift for beach goers + ocean lovers.

This Tawny brown pendant can be purchased as a necklace, bracelet or cord bracelet (available in various colours).

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* We have lots of sea glass in various colours. Contact us for more info.



Each piece of Sea Glass from beaches throughout the UK.

Worn by the waves & up-cycled by hand, each pendant has a carefully handcrafted sterling silver bezel encasing each piece of Sea Glass.

Sea Glass is a product of man & nature making every piece totally bespoke.

*please note although care has been taken to produce media of the true likeliness of the pendant it will vary slightly in colour + texture.


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Necklace, Ball Chain Bracelet, Cord Bracelet


N/A, Black, Charcoal, Silver, Beige, Mint, Baby Blue

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