We’re so excited to bring you our 2022 gift guides. We’re here to take off the pressure and do the shopping for you this holiday season. No more struggling for inspiration and ideas, here’s list No.1: For the wellness friend, thoughtful gifts for the mind, body, and soul. Let’s be honest, after the last few years we’ve had, we could all use a little wellness in our lives.

  1. Happiness Comes in Waves Necklace (£95): Because it’s natural to have ups and downs and sometimes we need reminding.

  2. Gift card for SUP lesson/session (From £35): The gift of Blue Mind? It’s SCIENCE!! Being near, in, on, or under water can make you happier, healthier, and more connected.

  3. Restore Wellness Candle (£12): DO NOT DISTURB!! Intended to create a state of cosiness and ease.
  4. Calm Wellness Candle (£12): This candle’s scent is DIVINE!! Intended to evoke deep relaxation.

  5. Downtime Wellness Candle (£12): Give me sofa, blanket & brew!! Intended to create a state of warmth and calm.

  6. And… Breathe Wellness candle (£12): Inhale, aaaaand Exhale. Intended to create moments of mindfulness, moments to pause.

  7. EBBVENTURE (£0): YOU’RE WELCOME BFF!! Adventure inspiration to uplift and nourish your mind, body, and soul without costing the earth.

  8. URUZ Rune ᚢ (£85): Norse rune magic embodying Primal Energy & Health.

  9. ALGIZ Rune ᛉ (£85): Norse rune magic embodying Protection & Defence.

  10. Full Moon Necklace (£100): Embodying the power to recharge and release all that no longer serves you.

  11. Pukka tea (£3.50): Our brews of choice are: Night time blend, 3 ginger, turmeric active. All the organic natural goodness. Great as a hamper or stoking filler.

  12. Meditation class with Contemplative coaching (From £5): Manage stress, reduce anxiety, and cultivate peace of mind.

  13. Virtual shoot with State of Love & Trust Alex (From £30): From the comfort of your home, prepare for your confidence to sky rocket with your very own virtual cheerleader and photographer.

  14. Yoga workshop with Flowful Life (From £23): Relax and unwind as you immerse yourself into some DEEP chill.

  15. Massage/Beauty treatment from Inner Beauty (From £20): EEEEERRRR YES PLEASE!

  16. Air purifying plant from Stem & Co (From £10.50): I have enough plants, said no one ever!


We hope this has given you a source of great gift inspiration for the holiday season not only from us but from other local indi businesses too. Keep your eyes peeled for ‘THE ADVENTURE FRIEND, THE ECO FRIEND & THE FAMILY GUY/GAL’ gift guides and please tag us at @ebbandfloliving if you take any inspo from the list.

You’re welcome 😇

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