Self-professed Mermaid and Lara Croft wannabe, our founder Toni is an enthusiast of:

Music: From LOG & Incubus, to Rena Jones #soulfood, designing & story telling, moments of serendipity, family & friends, making people feel good, Tomb Raider, food food food #foodislife, adventure & travel, being in nature, the colours blue & black, health & wellbeing, psychology, living by the sea, norse mythology, books, spiced rum, doting on the moon, long boarding & paddle boarding.

In her words:

"That deep connection to nature has always been a part of my life, and I believe it's essential for our well-being. As the founder, I can trace this connection back to my childhood, where my brother and I spent countless hours exploring the outdoors. We caught spiders, raced snails, dug for worms, and made mud pies in our garden. We were part of the generation that played outside with friends, climbed trees, went pond dipping, and only went home when the sun set."

"Our hometown of Cleethorpes on the East coast of Lincolnshire was where we grew up, and the beach played a big role in our childhood. Rolling in the creek mud, crabbing, collecting shells and sea glass, these experiences instilled in us a sense of adventure and a deep appreciation for nature. We weren't just playing outside; we were fully immersed in it!"

"Raising our boys with a deep connection to nature and a love for adventure has always been a priority for us. Our family has journeyed to many beautiful places, including the Scottish Highlands, the Yorkshire Dales, the UK East and West coasts, Greece, and the Canary Islands. These trips have always involved stripped-back, simple living, with wild camping, foraging, and exploring. We take pride in instilling in our boys the same respect and appreciation for nature that we have."

"As adults, my husband Vince and I have always felt drawn to Scandinavia. In 2015, we visited Iceland, which was a tremendous source of inspiration for my creative and adventurous spirit. The untouched natural environment and beautiful culture stole our hearts. Recently, Klitmoller in Denmark has become our go-to escape destination. The Danish culture and lifestyle, especially their embrace of family, nature and Hygge, are a great inspiration to us."

"Whenever I visit new places, I'm always eager to bottle up the best bits and bring them home. I create a cultural mood board, a collection of memories and experiences that I want to bring home. That's precisely what I've done with Ebb & Flo."

"I discovered surfing as a teenager, trying (and often failing) to surf in the North of Devon, which inspired the idea of water sports, which is now the foundation of EBB & FLO COLLECTIVE CIC. We were also inspired by the surf community in Cornwall, with their beach-cleaning and plastic-free culture. Drawing on my own childhood and professional experiences, and the Scandinavian values of family, nature, and wellbeing, I'm inspired to infuse these narratives into the design, and storytelling of EBB & FLO. This approach guides how we create products, connect with, and communicate with our community, reflecting our commitment to living out these values in everything we do."

"We've combined these narratives to create a brand that celebrates simple pleasures, inspires adventure, cultivates connection, embraces the elements, and nurtures wellbeing, all the while being mindful of our impact on the planet."

"Today, Ebb & Flo has exceeded our wildest expectations and continues to evolve and grow. We listen to our community and follow our intuition, leading us to develop many exciting plans for the future. We believe in staying true to our values and ethos while adapting and expanding to meet the needs and desires of our community. So, we invite you to join us on this journey and grow with the flow."