Creating Timeless Love: The Journey of a Bespoke Engagement Ring Commission

Creating Timeless Love: The Journey of a Bespoke Engagement Ring Commission

Crafting bespoke pieces of jewellery is not just an art but a privilege, especially when these pieces symbolise something as precious as an engagement. Each custom commission tells a unique story, intertwining the past, present, and future of the people involved. One such heartwarming story is that of Ed and Kerri, whose engagement ring was designed with a blend of love, tradition, and thoughtful details.

The Initial Consultation: Understanding the Vision

When Ed approached us, he had a clear vision for the engagement ring he wanted for his soon-to-be fiancée, Kerri. As a loyal supporter of our jewellery, Kerri already had a collection of Ebb and Flo pieces, which reflected her appreciation for our sustainable practices. We exclusively use recycled sterling silver and recycled gold, a value that deeply resonated with both Ed and Kerri.

Ed's request was for a ring that would not only symbolise their love but also align with Kerri's elegant and timeless qualities. He envisioned a classic style ring, choosing sterling silver over 9ct yellow gold, a decision that perfectly matched Kerri's refined taste.

The Choice of Garnet: A Symbol of Legacy and Hope

One of the most captivating aspects of Ed's commission was his choice of stone. He opted for a garnet, a gem with profound personal significance. Kerri owned a ring given to her by her grandad, which she wore daily. This ring, featuring a garnet, was a precious heirloom from her nan, who received it as an engagement ring from Kerri’s grandad. Their love story was remarkable, they married just 25 days after meeting and shared 40 years together until her grandad passed away.

Ed wanted to infuse this legacy into the engagement ring. Through his research, he discovered that garnet was said to be the only light on Noah's Ark, symbolising hope and the promise of a new beginning. This metaphor was especially meaningful to Ed, as it paralleled his and Kerri's journey.

Designing the Ring: Blending Tradition with Personal Touches

With these beautiful elements in mind, we began the design process. We aimed to create a ring that was not only aesthetically pleasing but also deeply symbolic. The garnet stone was carefully selected, ensuring it matched the depth and richness of Kerri’s inherited ring.

The ring's design was classic and timeless, featuring intricate details that spoke to Ed and Kerri's story. The sterling silver band was crafted with precision, embodying the durability and elegance that Ed envisioned. The garnet, set in a simple yet sophisticated setting, became the centrepiece, representing the enduring love and hope that Ed and Kerri shared.

The Crafting Process: Bringing the Vision to Life

The crafting process involved meticulous attention to detail, from the initial sketch to the final polish. Each step was executed with care, ensuring the ring would be a piece worthy of Kerri’s finger.

We began by shaping the sterling silver band, ensuring it was both comfortable and stylish. The band was then polished to a high shine, reflecting the light beautifully and enhancing the garnet's natural brilliance. The garnet was securely set, in a bezel setting, designed to showcase the stone while keeping it protected.

The Proposal: A Scenic Outdoor Experience at Ladybower Reservoir

Ed’s thoughtful planning extended beyond the ring itself to the proposal location. He chose the picturesque Ladybower Reservoir for this special moment. Opting for an outdoor setting, Ed took Kerri on a hike, adding an adventurous and intimate touch to the proposal. The serene beauty of the reservoir, surrounded by nature, created a perfect backdrop for this life-changing event.

As they reached a scenic viewpoint, Ed got down on one knee and presented the beautifully crafted engagement ring. The outdoor location, coupled with the breathtaking views, made the proposal unforgettable. 

Kerri was overwhelmed with happiness, not just because of the proposal but also because of the thoughtful design of the ring that held so much personal significance.

The ring symbolised their future together while honouring Kerri’s cherished family memories. It was a perfect blend of past and present, a testament to the enduring nature of true love.

The Impact of Bespoke Jewellery: More Than Just a Ring

Creating bespoke jewellery is about more than just making beautiful pieces; it's about crafting stories that will be treasured for generations. Each commission allows us to connect with our clients on a deeper level, understanding their histories, dreams, and values.

For Ed and Kerri, their engagement ring is more than just a symbol of their commitment; it's a tangible connection to their family's legacy and a beacon of hope for their future. The thought and care that went into its creation make it a piece that will be cherished forever.

Why Choose Bespoke Jewellery?

Opting for bespoke jewellery offers numerous benefits:

  1. Personalisation: Every detail can be tailored to reflect personal tastes and significant symbols.
  2. Quality Craftsmanship: Bespoke pieces are crafted with exceptional care and precision.
  3. Sustainability: Using recycled materials supports eco-friendly practices.
  4. Unique Story: Each piece tells a unique story, making it more meaningful than off-the-shelf jewellery.

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