Our Vision

Our Vision

In the heart of Cleethorpes, where the land meets the sea, our vision is organically taking shape - a vibrant and sustainable community hub known as "EBB & FLO." This vision, grounded in our mission to empower and uplift lives, is set to transform a once-neglected corner of Cleethorpes into a thriving, holistic destination.

At EBB & FLO, our unwavering dedication to connection, well-being, and nature drives every aspect of our project. We're on a mission to nurture your well-being, fostering a strong sense of community, and instilling a profound connection with nature. Our commitment extends to promoting physical and emotional well-being, both for individuals and the environment, all while leaving the gentlest imprint on the Earth.

The project's essence is about more than just growth; it's about consolidating our vision of "A way of living" and demonstrating how small businesses can make sustainable choices while contributing to it’s community and development.

Location and Setting

Our project is nestled on the seafront of Cleethorpes North Promenade, offering an unobscured view of the sea, with the beach just a mere 10 meters away. The site holds historical significance as the former home of the Savoy Arcade, which burned down in 2004. The innovative design of the building, constructed from repurposed shipping containers, spans three floors, housing a range of facilities.

Store & Shopping Space

Located on the ground floor of our innovative development, the store will be more than just a shopping destination; it will be a place of connection and inspiration.

The store is designed to be welcoming, open, and immersive, reflecting natural materials and outdoor/Scandinavian aesthetic that pervades the entire project. It's a space that will thoughtfully showcase our handcrafted jewellery, clothing, and candles, each item carefully selected to reflect our mission of well-being and inspire connection to the world around us.

Our jewellery, a cornerstone of our brand, is crafted to empower and uplift lives. Each piece is imbued with inspiring affirmations and unique narratives of escapism.

This retail space is a vital part of our growth as a business and a meaningful addition to our community hub, providing you with a gateway to embrace well-being, elevate your sense of self, and connect with the beauty of our seafront.

Cafe Space

The cafe space is designed to envelop visitors in Scandinavian charm, which will exude a beachfront vibe. It will boast warm tones, natural materials, and an atmosphere of creative inspiration. This will be a cozy and bustling space that welcomes families, with a special area for walkers and their canine companions. Our menu will be centred on seasonal and local produce, reflecting our commitment to sustainability. We believe in balance, offering a mix of nourishing soul food and indulgent treats. The cafe will also feature local musicians to add a touch of art and culture to your experience.

Paddle Boarding Facilities

Our paddle boarding facilities are part of our not-for-profit sister company, Ebb & Flo Collective CIC. The goal is to break down barriers to accessing blue spaces, promote physical and mental well-being, and support environmental sustainability. The facilities have been upgraded to provide toilets, proper changing and wash down facilities, and accessibility for all. This endeavour aims to support and connect more people with the sea and beach, offering everyone a chance to enjoy this unique experience.

Event Space

Our event space is designed to be multifunctional, suitable for a range of celebratory events. We are particularly excited about creating a unique wedding venue with a spectacular sea view. Beyond events, this space extends the ambiance of the ground floor cafe, providing additional dining and entertainment areas for our community to gather, connect, and kick back.

Lettable Units

The lettable units are designed to support fellow creatives and wellness advocates. We envision a space for yoga, meditation, painting, photography, workshops, and more. The goal is to provide a warm and welcoming environment conducive to creative work, reinforcing our commitment to well-being.

Holiday Let

The holiday let will be a luxurious sea-view waterfront apartment spanning the second and third floors. It will accommodate 4-6 people and aims to provide guests with a sense of relaxation, connection, and indulgence. With an open-plan layout, warm colours, rugs, faux furs, and natural interiors, it offers an unforgettable experience connecting guests with the elements.


Our commitment to sustainability extends to the very structure of the building, which is made from repurposed shipping containers. We are actively researching and exploring renewable and self-generated energy sources such as solar power, wind, and air source heating. Additionally, we are looking into technologies like triple glazing windows and solar batteries. We are also investigating grey water solutions for wash down and plant watering.

The exterior of the building will harmonise with nature through the installation of insect houses, bird feeders and houses, and bumblebee dens. We plan to plant bee and pollinator-friendly vegetation to encourage wildlife and enhance biodiversity in the area.

"Walking Forward with Our Eyes Open" Concept

Our commitment to sustainability extends to being prepared for the challenges of climate change and rising sea levels. This is why we've adopted the philosophy of "walking forward with our eyes open." If the need arises, the building can be dismantled and relocated to a safer location. This approach minimises environmental risks, ensuring that the building doesn't harm the ecosystem, supports the local community, and protects our business investment.

Design Elements and Special Touches

The building's exterior features a matt black, contemporary urban design, marking the first of its kind in the area for decades. It offers a modern, new build with strong and durable aesthetics, which will seamlessly integrate with its surroundings.

Involving and Engaging the Local Community

To ensure that this project truly serves the community, we have been actively engaging with the local community since we were granted planning permission in 2021. We regularly provide community updates, and aspire to offer volunteer opportunities, collaborate with local schools and organisations, and plan collaborative events. The project will also offers enrichment opportunities in the form of of job and work experience opportunities. Additionally, we strive to source materials and services locally, supporting our neighbours and fostering collaboration.


As we reflect on our journey towards bringing EBB & FLO to life, it's clear that our mission is at the heart of everything we do. Our commitment to empowering and uplifting lives through meaningful products and moments has driven us to design a remarkable space that not only stands out but also does good for our community and the environment.

Our dedication to connection, well-being, and nature is palpable in every corner of this vibrant and sustainable community hub. We're more than a business; we're a testament to "A way of living." We firmly believe that small businesses can make sustainable choices and contribute to both growth and community development. Our project showcases this ethos, offering an inclusive space that embodies our values.

From the unique and ethical retail store that thoughtfully showcases our jewellery, clothing, and candles, to the cozy and bustling cafe space with its focus on sustainability and local produce, EBB & FLO is designed to enrich lives and inspire a deeper connection to our beautiful planet.

Our not-for-profit sister company, Ebb & Flo Collective CIC, breaks down barriers to accessing blue spaces, promoting well-being, and supporting environmental sustainability through upgraded paddle boarding facilities. The multifunctional event space, lettable units for creatives and wellness advocates, and the luxurious holiday let underscore our commitment to fostering a sense of community and well-being.

We're not just constructing a building; we're pioneering sustainability with repurposed shipping containers and a strong focus on renewable energy and eco-friendly solutions. "Walking Forward with Our Eyes Open" symbolises our proactive approach to climate change and rising sea levels, ensuring our impact remains minimal and protective of both the environment and our community.

With a contemporary urban design that harmonises with nature, we mark a new beginning for Cleethorpes, bringing the first of its kind to the area in decades. Our active involvement with the local community, from updates and aspirations for volunteer opportunities to collaborations with schools and organisations, ensures that EBB & FLO truly supports our neighbours.

EBB & FLO is not just a vision; it's a testament to our passion for well-being and our desire to enrich our community. Together, we are forging a path towards positive change, touching lives, and celebrating the beauty of the planet we all share. At EBB & FLO, our mission is more than words; it's a commitment to making the world a better place, one connection at a time.

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