EBB & FLO: Rediscovering Balance Through the Elements of Nature

EBB & FLO: Rediscovering Balance Through the Elements of Nature

It all seems to have become too complicated. Too noisy. Too much. We think it’s time to strip it all back to basics. As basic as those days when the words of Aristotle and Socrates were law, and the four natural elements were how we found balance within the world. 

Science may have moved on a bit since the time of the ancient Greeks, but at EBB & FLO we can’t help but feel that so much of what they had continues to ring true, and these days, is even more important. Our connection to nature is undeniable. Our physical and mental health reacts strongly to the environment, and how it ebbs and flows around us. 

We still believe in the fundamental harmony that the elements bring when the right balance is achieved. Something which seems to be getting more and more difficult. But that’s where we can help… Everything we do at EBB & FLO has been designed to help you rediscover your own balance. 

Get out on the water with our SUP experiences; light a fire with our hand-crafted candles; contribute to a cleaner earth with our dedication to the environment and sustainable products; breathe in the benefits that comes with our community. We are here to help you grow, physically, mentally, and sustainably. We are here to offer you our way of living.


Water is where everything began for us. A new start. A new path. A new balance after years of struggling to find one. Water has always been a constant in the lives of our co-founders Toni and Vince. Having always lived by the coast, the ocean has been the soundtrack to their life together. And formed the very foundations of EBB & FLO – even the name. Our SUP experiences were the very first in the area, led by our expert instructors in Cleethorpes and Alexandra Dock, to help you find solace and sanctuary in the majesty of the sea. 


Everything we do is driven by our fire, our passion – burning for what we do, how and why we do it. EBB & FLO was once a spark of an idea, today it is a business growing beyond our wildest dreams, roaring with potential and exciting plans for the future. So much of what makes us and our offering unique comes down to our fire, the desire to protect our people and our planet through our products. Each and every one has been designed to flood your senses with the very essence of the outdoors, to evoke memories spent by the sea with waves lapping at your toes; around the campfire; in the forest listening to birdsong; in the upland air catching your breath. From unique scented candles to recycled silver jewellery and clothing, let our products bring you some EBB & FLO fire. 


From the salt water in our hair and the sand on our skin, to the crunch of leaves underfoot beneath the tree canopy, our love of the outdoors is the beating heart of EBB & FLO. Nature, the great outdoors, it is something we have a duty to protect, to be custodians of. After all, how much has it done for us? Changes don’t have to be big, loud, or inspirational, in fact, the easier they are for you to do, the more consistent you will continue to be. Start small, join one of our beach-cleans, put your recycling where it should go in the new coastal landmarks right here in Cleethorpes designed to house your recycling, and buy sustainable products. Quietly set the example to those around you.


The element of intelligence, creativity, and new beginnings. For us, the future is just as important as the here and now, more so in fact. So much of what we do at EBB & FLO comes down to the cause. The need for everyone to understand how vitally important it is to educate ourselves, our children – the future generations that will continue to try and make this planet, our planet, a home. They deserve to have a future, which means that the air we – and they – breathe needs to continue to be pure. We are constantly working to make sure everything we offer sings to this tune. If you’d like the hymn sheet, all or our news and updates can be found on our Instagram & Facebook as well as our monthly newsletter.

We can’t wait for you to join us on your journey, and we look forward to help you find your balance, as you EBB & FLO.

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