If you're a school or organisation looking for an interactive, easy to organise beach clean experience, look no further!

At EBB & FLO, we believe that kids are the future. Our mission is to lead by example and empower our younger generations, inspire them to take action, and encourage them to make a positive impact in their communities. Our beach cleans provide a purposeful opportunity for children to get involved and learn about the importance of protecting our environment.

Kids have a unique perspective on the world - they see things in black and white, and they have a natural desire to help when they see something is wrong. By working with kids, we're able to tap into that unfiltered passion and help them develop the skills and knowledge they need to become environmental advocates for life.

We've collected a wide range of beach cleaning and educational resources over the years, and we're happy to share them with schools and organisations that share our commitment to making a positive impact. Whether you're a local school or from afar, we welcome anyone who wants to join us in making a difference for our planet.

For more information including documenting the day, safety, risk assessments, and how to organise your clean, please see our FAQ section below.


How can we organise a Beach Clean?

If you'd like to arrange a Beach Clean in collaboration with EBB & FLO, please submit a request via our contact form including dates and number of attendees and our team will be happy to help.

We provide options to document the purpose-driven work you do and can help showcase your school's values and impact, with good quality content.

Please see 'Can we document the day?' for more information.

How will the day flow?

  • Meet & greet at EBB & FLO
  • Assign group leads and equipment
  • Safety brief
  • Off you go

Can we document the day?

Absolutely! We understand that documenting the purpose-driven work you do can showcase your school's values and impact, build a stronger environmental culture within the school, and help inspire children to take action for years to come. That's why we believe good quality content is key.

If you want to capture your clean in action, we have our incredible in-house photographer on standby. With their expertise, we can provide you with stunning visuals that showcase your schools efforts and the positive impact you're making in the community. Please get in touch via our contact form for more information and pricing.

We're excited to help you tell your story!

Do you have a risk assessment?

We have risk assessment details and documentation. Please see 'Where can we get the safety documentation?' below.

Do you have a safeguarding policy?

We have a safeguarding policy and risk assessment details and documentation. Please see 'Where can we get the safety documentation?' below.

What PPE do we need?

  • Gloves
  • High vis for group leaders
  • Sun cream

We have a selection of gloves and some high visibility jackets to use. We welcome the use of your own protective gloves if you have them*. Please also see 'What should I wear?'

*Please note we have a limited amount of equipment to use, for larger groups 50+, schools may need to provide additional PPE.

How many people can attend?

We've held Beach Cleans from 3-300 people, but we most commonly accommodate between 30-50 people. If you'd like to discuss numbers with us, please use our contact form to get in touch, our team will be happy to help.

What should we wear?

Quite simply dress for the weather and the location. It may be a beach clean but we don't recommend wearing your sandals and flip flops. Be sensible!

Check the weather and dress accordingly.

What should we bring?

We recommend bringing water, preferably in reusable bottles, and sun cream is always a good shout.

Do you have a toilet?

Unfortunately we don't. The nearest public toilet is on Sea Road next to the Pier Gardens.

Where do we meet?

Our address is 203 North Promenade, Cleethorpes, DN358SJ.

Where can we park?

We have a limited amount of onsite parking which we are happy for you to use during your Beach Clean. If this fills up there are pay and display parking bays all along the seafront*.

*Please note during the summer season the parking bays fill up fast, so we recommend starting early, from 10am.

What equipment do you have?

  • Litter pickers
  • Gloves
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Bags
  • Nurdle Trommel Machine
  • 2MBC Board (2 minute beach clean)
  • Pollu Toys
  • School Beach Clean Box

Do we need our own equipment?

In short, no. We provide all the equipment you need*.

*Please note we have a limited amount of equipment to use, for large groups 50+, organisations may need to provide additional equipment.

Where can we get the safety documentation?

What is a Nurdle Trommel machine?

We're glad you asked! A Nurdle Trommel is a drum filter which allows the filtering of small plastic nurdles from the beach sand. By inserting a shovel full of sand into the drum and slowly spinning it around, the sand will fall through the holes and only the plastic will remain.

For more information please give our friends from Nurdle a visit.

What are Pollu toys?

Quite simply Pollu toys are plush toys designed to teach kids about the effects of plastic pollution on our wildlife, in a child sensitive way. For more information please watch the Pollu Toys YouTube video.