EBBVENTURE #1 - Experiencing the Magic of Moonrise

EBBVENTURE #1 - Experiencing the Magic of Moonrise

Introducing EBBVENTURE #1

What are you looking for? Mental restoration and connection? Quality time alone or with loved ones? Or perhaps you’re looking for the ultimate romantic gesture? Then read on!

Before we even let you in on our latest obsession, we’re going to say, ‘you’re welcome’ … you know for all the brownie points you’ll be getting as you become known as the most romantic partner, the coolest parent or most awesome friend that ever did live.

Witnessing the Enchanting Moonrise:

We’ve spoken to you before about the connection between the moon and the tides, but have you ever witnessed the moonrise? 

It’s a magical experience and something we’ve become a little infatuated with lately. Unlike the sun we don’t witness a moonrise every day. They only happen around the full moon, which makes experiencing one even more of a unique experience.

We’ve got Cleethorpes on our doorstep – literally – which means, if you know your geography, we rest on the East coast of Lincolnshire, a little bit on a tilt. For us that means we’re winning – we live in a rare spot where we get to soak up the charm of sunrise, the magic of a sunset and the majesty of a moonrise. 

Finding Moonrise Locations:

Like the sun, the full moon rises in the East, so if you’re an East coast dweller, consider yourself super lucky and get yourselves out for an early evening, moon-soaked, escape. 

For those in other parts of the country and coast, a moonrise experience is still totally possible to see – you’ll just have to scout out a suitable location. Ideally, you need to find somewhere with an unobscured and unbroken view of the horizon, like a hilltop or roof terrace. Just bear in mind if you have a blocked view of the horizon timings will differ and you’ll likely witness the rise slightly later, but we are talking minutes here!

Three Easy Steps for Moonrise Planning:

As long as you are facing East you will see the moonrise. There’s a little bit a planning involved, as with all epic ebbventures, but fear not, we’ve broken that down into three easy steps for you.

  • Check your calendar – the full moon phase takes place every four weeks and technically lasts one day, but you can still catch the moonrise a day either side when the full moon is at its brightest. We use https://www.timeanddate.com/astronomy/uk
  • Check the moonrise time – the moon will rise at a specific time, and Time and Date gives you all this information. If you’re not a Cleethorpes local don’t worry, type in your location into the search box and it will give you the information you need.
  • Check the weather – if it’s slinging it down, foggy or cloudy then save yourself the disappointment and wait until the next full moon. The goal is to see the moonrise and be remembered as the most romantic partner, the coolest parent or most awesome friend that ever did live. So check your three-day window and pick the best forecast. 

Kit Prep for Your Moonrise Adventure:

Now you have your window of opportunity, time for the kit prep. Trust us it’s super helpful to prep and kit up for your ebbventures, to make the most of the experience and minimise any stress. We always say better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. For your ease we’ve created a list of our top six items.

  • BLANKETS – and plenty of them! Some to sit on and some to snuggle in – a great idea if you have little ones or someone to nuzzle into. Blankets encourage cosiness and snugs which creates a warm, cosy vibe. If you don’t have blankets, use towels. They’ll do the same job and everything washes!
  • LAYERS – a hoodie and beanie as a minimum! We have some awesome sustainable alternatives if you’re in need of something new. Otherwise, you can make like Joey, F.R.I.E.N.D.S style, and wear everything you own.
  • A FLASK – a nice hot brew on a brisk evening, yes please! If you’re a tea belly it must be Yorkshire – let’s not mess about! Lemon and ginger is a great wind down option, if you prefer herbal tea, as it has natural stress relieving properties, and then there’s hot chocolate for the ultimate indulgence and kid pleaser.
  • HOT WATER BOTTLE – great especially during the chillier months and for the little ones. Quite a nostalgic piece of kit but a life saver to avoid dithering companions, hushed grumbles, and unhappy youngsters.
  • MUSIC – if music is your vibe, your favourite playlist can really deepen the experience. Gone are the days where we made a mixed tape as a thoughtful gesture, now simply make a playlist. By all means create your own, or you can check out our Spotify playlist HERE

However you decide to experience a moonrise, the main thing is you have the best possible ebbventure and enjoy it. Don’t forget to tag us @ebbandfloliving and share your incredible moonrise moments. 

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