What are you looking for? Thoughtful gift ideas? Unique gift inspiration? Quality time with loved ones? Or perhaps you’re looking for the ultimate romantic gesture? Then read on!

We are here to take the pressure off and do the thinking for you this Valentine’s Day. No more struggling for inspiration and ideas, we’ve created an amazing gift guide flooded with thoughtful gift inspiration and romantic date ideas to surprise your special someone this Feb 14th.

  1. Forever Talisman (£75): Our Forever talisman was designed to represent special moments that you’ve shared or, those special people in your life. Memories of places and people that will last forever. 

  2. You are my sun, my moon & all my stars (£135): Embodying the words “You are my sun, my moon and all my stars” by E. E Cummings, this beautiful celestial trio has been designed to cherish those extra special people in our lives.
  1. EBBVENTURE #1 AND EBBVENTURE #2 (£0): YOU’RE WELCOME!! Romantic date inspiration to encourage connection, calm and quality time. We’ve provided all the details, just have a read, then go forth and amaze!

  2. Sunup til sundown candle (£12): You know those candles that smell like you could eat them… well!! (FYI DON’T!). This fragrance is vibrant and awakening just like the sun.

  3. Full Moon candle (£12): If you could bottle up the soothing fragrance of the moon, this would be it.

  4. My Anchor (£85): For those who hold you strong and steady, throughout the roughest storms.

  5. You’re My Lobster (From £30): If you’re a F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan this will make absolute sense! It’s actually a crab claw but makes a really cute and quirky gift.

  6. Heart of the Sea (£75): Our beautiful coral heart, handcrafted in recycled sterling silver, elegantly textured with an authentic coral exterior. This makes such a unique gift!

  7. Till death us do part (£40): Our pirate inspired skull studs are the perfect way to say ‘Til death us do part’.


We hope this has given you a source of great gift and date inspiration this Valentines Day. You can see the entire product collection here: VALENTINES GIFT GUIDE 2023. If you haven’t already check out EBBVENTURE #1 & EBBVENTURE #2. We’ve done the hard work for you and we swear this will create meaningful memories to last a lifetime. Please tag us at @ebbandfloliving and share your romantic adventures.

You’re welcome 💘

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